Racing Calendar

Scheduled race dates for Gosford Racing Club.

Jun 5 2014Raceday Gosford Racecourse is a pleasant one-hour drive from Sydney via the F3, simply take the Gosford exit and follow the Central Coast Highway into West Gosford and the picturesque Gosford Racecourse is on your left.
Jun 20 2014Gosford Racing
Jul 24 2014The Men of League Raceday
Jul 31 2014The National Jockeys Trust Raceday
Aug 14 2014The Walker Bros Raceday
Aug 28 2014Raceday
Oct 9 2014Raceday
Oct 19 2014The Donnica Clarke Foundation Raceday
Oct 30 2014The Diocese of Broken Bay Raceday
Nov 13 2014Raceday
Dec 4 2014The Westpac Helicopters / Samaritans Raceday
Dec 13 2014Christmas Party Picnic Raceday
Dec 29 2014Country Music Raceday
Dec 31 2014Gosford City Council - New Years Eve Raceday